Design Challenge Hackathon 22-23 » Veale Entrepreneurs


Have you ever wanted to be a part of the solution for issues in your community? Have you ever had an idea to solve those issues? Attend our Design Challenge Hackathon to partner up with like-minded students and find the resources to turn ideas into reality.

The Design Challenge Hackathon will allow students to learn a series of skill sets through workshops, mentorship, and curriculum provided and facilitated by GiveBackHack, an organization which brings people together to develop sustainable solutions to pressing social issues. Students will have the opportunity to pitch their own idea or join another team to work with through the event.

Students will work in teams to do user validation, develop a business model and create a prototype. Students will also learn of ways to leverage technology while building out an idea. Before closing, teams will pitch what they built to the community and judges, with prizes awarded to winning teams.

Areas of Focus:

Skills addressed include design thinking, public speaking, ideation and creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, effective communication, social impact and prototyping.
Note: Coding and web/software development background is NOT required for this event. Students with coding and web/software development backgrounds may receive additional guidance to incorporate those skills while building out the idea.

This event is open to high school students throughout Northeast Ohio.

Headshot - Emily
Emily Stuhldreher is a Design Thinking facilitator and Social Enterprise expert with a passion for social innovation and empowering others. She spends her time building the social impact launchpad at GiveBackHack, coaching social entrepreneurs, and empowering communities through facilitating workshops and events. She is a Program Manager by day and a Social Innovation enthusiast by night. She is passionate about leveraging systems thinking to build sustainable solutions, creating true social impact in our communities. Outside of work she loves to get outside - hiking, climbing, biking, and kayaking whenever she can.
Owen is an entrepreneur and founder of TeachTo, a social enterprise developing holistic, data-driven software solutions for special education professionals. He is intimately familiar with the intersection of social impact and for-profit business as Director of OSU Business for Good and has refined a community-informed approach to entrepreneurial problem-solving from his time in GiveBackHack Global 2020 and SEA Change 2021. Owen graduated from Ohio State University in 2022 with a B.S. in Neuroscience. Through his work, he hopes to ignite action-oriented individuals to create imaginative solutions addressing pressing social challenges in their own communities.
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