Educator Workshops 22-23 » Veale Entrepreneurs


  • Date/Time:September 22, 2022 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
  • Fee: No Charge

This Year's Activities:

  • VYEF 2022-23 entrepreneurial programming information
  • Learn about Cleveland Rocks and Flux Makerspace unique model and community commitment
  • Dinner and Educator networking
  • Tour of Flux Makerspace and Cleveland Rocks
  • Optional: Attendees can experience bouldering at Cleveland Rocks

Venue Location:

educator workshop
The Educator Workshop is a synergy of pertinent hands-on information and networking for high school entrepreneurship educators. Educator workshops provide an opportunity for entrepreneurship educators to convene, network and collaborate around specific topics. Workshops are offered twice annually at different locations and are targeted for high school educators. Registration for educator workshops is limited to allow for more personal interaction among participants.
Past topics have covered ideation, social entrepreneurship, program development, value proposition and lesson plans and have featured moderators and resources provided by MAGNET, Brandon Cornuke, Xyla Foxlin, Young Entrepreneur Institute, Sears think[box] and many others.