Stock Market Challenge 21-22 – Veale Entrepreneurs


This high energy event is designed to simulate the excitement of a real-life trading floor. Teams of 4 to 5 students learn to work together, leverage each other’s strengths, and use critical thinking skills while analyzing news articles and data during a fierce high-stake competition.
Each team is issued $1,000,000 of “mock stock” and will buy and sell shares in fictitious companies throughout a simulated 60-day trading period. Trading is fast, fun, and furious with a new day starting every 60 seconds! The goal for each team is to achieve the greatest rate of return on investment by the end of a simulated trading session lasting a total of 90 minutes.

Areas of Focus:

Finance and Accounting, Financial Literacy, Business Etiquette, Public Speaking and Effective Collaboration.
Not only do students compete in the hands-on experiential learning event that is the Stock Market Challenge simulation, but they also complete five in-class lessons, introducing them to the importance of investing and saving, create team-building skills, and gain knowledge to build solid financial foundations for their future!

*Registration annually is through JA of Greater Cleveland. Please inquire at