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Attendees of Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum programs share their experiences.

I improved on my immediate thinking skills and thinking out-of-the-box skills at the Design Challenge Hack.

Student, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

The Upcycle hackathon was my favorite part of the day because the students had to think quickly and develop a rapid solution to a problem. The activity aligns with our values as a school – having meaningful, engaging, and impactful learning experiences.

Educator at thinkBIG! Summit

I improved my knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship. I learned that nobody is too young to start a business and that you do not need a certain knowledge or background to start your dream business.

Student, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

By presenting at the thinkBIG! Challenge finals, I had a great experience and it was a lot of fun, especially the prizes. I got a lot of useful tips about public speaking. I definitely will convince my friends to participate next year.

Student, Laurel School

I really appreciated seeing our students work with other school students and being creative together.

Educator at Thinkfest

I was empowered and inspired by other females at the Young Women’s Day event.

Student, Magnificat

My favorite part of the thinkBIG! Summit was hearing local speakers and different ways people are impacting their community.

Student, Beaumont HS

I loved the hands-on learning and all the speakers were amazing at Young Women’s Day.

Student, Gilmour Academy