thinkBIG! Challenge 21-22 – Veale Entrepreneurs

2022 thinkBIG Challenge Champion Interviews

How do you feel after participating in the Summit? What are your plans moving forward?

Innovation Track

Moon Belly: Olmsted Falls High School


I’m so thankful for this experience and hearing what everyone had to say about our idea and presentation.  It felt great to present a product we believed in, and for it to be so well received.

We plan on entering more competitions with our idea and eventually decide if we would like to pursue actually making our product.  I plan on going to college for marketing as it is my main passion.


I felt privileged to be there, and I felt great about all the Entrepreneurs providing us with feedback. We are planning to enter other competitions. When hearing the feedback from the judges, it helped me gain more confidence in the product.  I plan to go to Kent State for Vet Tech, I love working and learning about different types of animals.


I feel confident in our product and all it can offer, once the idea is translated into the real deal. I am more confident in our idea as well after hearing feedback and gaining support from the judges and others! 

My plans for moving forward on this innovation are to patent our idea and start to connect with the professionals we mentioned such as Patricia Lupe. I’d also like to enter more contests, and continue to share our idea as much as possible to gain more support and money to fund this innovation so we can pursue it & make a positive impact!

Small Business Track

El Puente: Laurel School


The thinkBIG! Summit was an incredible experience and solidified my interest in entrepreneurship/business. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my idea and hear from experienced entrepreneurs!

I am hoping to grow my program going forward. As I described in the presentation, I plan on establishing a chapter of El Puente at Harvey High School, Painesville’s high school. The second four-week round is set to run in April, and before then, I’ll speak with students and hear their thoughts and concerns directly. Somewhere down the line, I’d love to establish El Puente as a legally recognized nonprofit, but for now, the focus is getting more participants and immediate tasks.


An online business plan competition open to all high school students in Northeast Ohio, offering $8,000 in prizes. Semifinalists are invited to attend virtual Executive Coaching and receive guidance from entrepreneurial professionals in the Cleveland business community. The Final 4 teams will compete live at the thinkBIG! Summit on March 1, 2022.

Covid-19 Mask Information for Events

The Veale Foundation will adhere to each venue’s individual mask mandates for events held at their locations in accordance with the CDC’s current Recommendations for Indoor and Outdoor Settings. Notification of current Covid-19 masking policies for venues will be shared with event participants in our event communications prior to the event and at sign-in tables. Please email us at with any questions.

Funding for travel to programs may be available to non-Forum schools. Please contact us at for more information.

executive coaching day

Deadline for entries

Wednesday, December 29, 2021 Online

Semifinalists announced

Monday, January 10, 2022 Online

Executive Coaching


Finalists’ live pitch competition

March 1, 2022

How it Works

Round 1: Idea Development & Written Submission Round

  • Teams (comprised of 1 to 4 members) will submit an Executive Summary that explores and develops ideas for business ventures in one of two tracks: Innovation or Small Business.
  • Small business ideas should be able to be realistically started by high school students with under $10,000.
  • The Executive Summary should be no more than 5 pages in length and must describe the concept and outline the problem, the solution, customers, the competition, assets needed, challenges, and financial feasibility.

Deadline for Round 1 Submission: Wednesday, December 29, 2021 (Online)

Semifinalists Proceeding to Round 2 Announced: January 10, 2022

executive coaching day

Round 2: Slide Deck with Video Submission Round

Semifinalist teams compete in Round 2 to become a Final Four Challenge team. A slide deck including a recorded video (no longer than 5 minutes) will be required for judging. Instructions will be provided.

Round 3: Live Pitch at thinkBIG! Summit

The Final Four teams will present live in front of judges and attendees at the thinkBIG! Summit on March 1, 2022. Two teams from each track will compete for the cash prizes.


Offering $8,000 in prizes!

Two winning teams will receive $3,000 per team.

Each 2nd place team wins $1,000 per team.

Each Final Four team member also receives Veale Innovator Medals.

For the School Sponsoring the Grand Prize Team a Traveling Veale Innovation Cup Trophy is presented.

executive coaching day

Areas of Focus:

Networking, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Design thinking, Validation, Sales and Operations, Online Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Effective Communication, Collaboration, Public Speaking

Please view all rules, eligibility, terms, and conditions for the 2021-2022 thinkBIG! Challenge and Summit here: