Upcycle: Enterprise is a free online resource dedicated to inspiring innovation, entrepreneurial thinking, and community action in young people grades 7-12. Whether learning from inside the classroom or at home, teachers and students can learn about social entrepreneurship through the videos and activities provided.

Upcycle: Enterprise provides online instruction from Upcycle staff, led by an introduction to the model of social enterprise, the concept of upcycling and creative reuse, and how the business model works as a preliminary case study for students to learn from. Sessions will focus on creativity, innovation challenges, instructions for product and prototype development, and leave room for student report-backs and pitches on prototypes.

Get started today at: https://www.upcyclepartsshop.org/enterprise

UPCYCLE: Scrappy Hour

High school entrepreneurship educators were invited to a virtual “Scrappy Hour” on Thursday Feb. 25th, hosted by the team at Upcycle Parts Shop, to get ideas on how to teach students to use upcycled materials for innovation, creativity, prototyping, etc…

Educators who attended the scrappy hour were introduced to the Upcycle: Enterprise program. Participants were also offered a $20 credit to use at Upcycle Parts Shop to purchase supplies to outfit their class with needed materials and introduce students to Upcycle’s business model and approach.

Additionally, educators who participated were invited to apply for a 45 minute guest speaker follow up discussion with Nicole McGee, executive director of Upcycle Parts Shop. This session was tailored to each class’s interests and/or questions on innovation, entrepreneurship and the Upcycle business model.