Akron Suarez Marketing Lab » Veale Entrepreneurs

This 3 hour field trip includes lunch and an optional tour of the University of Akron’s campus. Limited spaces available, only 20-25 students per school. Limited transportation grants are available to non-Forum schools upon request and availability.

The Benjamin and Nancy Suarez Applied Marketing Research Lab  located on the fifth floor of the Polsky Building, features a Cognitive Research Laboratory with state-of-the-art technologies focusing on techniques such as eye tracking, brainwave function, and physiological analyses; a Marketing Intelligence Laboratory with workstations where students and faculty can develop comprehensive market intelligence reports; an Experiential Research Laboratory where students and businesses use techniques such as facial coding software to test the effectiveness of various types of advertising.

Areas of Focus:

The Marketing Intelligence Laboratory provides students experience in 3 state-of-the-art technology workstations:

  1. Eye Tracking
  2. Facial Analysis
  3. Physiological Measures

Ninety-five percent of purchase decision making comes from the subconscious mind, these technologies give you a direct path to it.