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Did you know that bee hives are an economic ecosystem? Bees produce products, trade resources, and operate in a hierarchy that keeps the hive running, and allows bees to survive.

Hive sponsorships from Youth Bee Works Edenculture give students a unique opportunity to not only witness a fully functional economic force, but also to create a revenue stream from the production of honey.

Areas of Focus:

  • Collaboration
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Product Development & Design
  • Economics

How it Works:

  • A Youth Bee Works hive is a turnkey for educators. Youth Bee Works will take care of the hive and extraction of honey.
  • Hive sponsorship requires a site visit in the fall to determine the best location for the hive.
  • Youth Bee Works will work with your students to create a logo and label for the honey.
  • After extraction, Youth Bee Works will package the honey in the size decided by students.
  • Honey is extracted in June and October.
  • Students can utilize their entrepreneurial skills to market and sell the honey that is produced from their own bee hive!