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View a list of most frequently asked questions regarding VYEF programming and our annual thinkBIG! Challenge and Summit.

Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum FAQ

Is there a fee to participate in or to attend your events?

No. There is no cost to participate, but you must register in advance.

Can I attend an event if I have not registered?

No. Registration is mandatory.

What is the age requirement?

All participants must presently attend high school, typically in 9-12 grade. Contact if you have specific questions about this requirement.

Why should I participate in Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Programs?

Participating allows students to foster connections with like-minded students, learn how to problem solve, think creatively, and ultimately gain knowledge and first-hand experience with the entrepreneurial process which will prepare them to adapt in an ever-changing world, regardless of the chosen career path.

We host our programs at locations such as universities and high schools. Students will benefit from discovering and learning about additional entrepreneurial offerings in our community and gain exposure to different entrepreneurial systems and accessible resources.

Can I register for an event as a student (without the teacher) or a home-school student (with or without a supervisor)?

We require you to list a school representative contact during the registration process. Please contact us directly at if this is not available to you.

How can an educator choose specific VYEF programs that best fit their students?

Each program is unique in format and compliments the curriculum taught in the classroom with the end goal being to enhance entrepreneurial thinking in students. Each program does have various touchpoints (listed on the respective program page) that might be different from other programs. You can view recaps under our 2021-2022 Year in Review page. Find a list of all programs for the 2022-2023 year on the Our Programs page.

What other resources does VYEF provide apart from programming?

Our website has a Learning Center and a section displaying Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Stories.

The Learning Center page features curated listings of business networks, resources, templates and start-up tools, as well as local directories for entrepreneurial groups and makerspaces for young entrepreneurs and educators. The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Stories page features articles on local entrepreneurs to help guide students through their entrepreneurial journeys.

We also promote entrepreneurial opportunities in the community and nationally via our social media from time to time. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to learn more.

Is there a way to be more involved with VYEF?

If you would like to volunteer or mentor for our programs, please email us at

Is there a transportation aid or support available for VYEF programs?

Limited grants for transportation expenses are available to non-VYEF schools. Please contact us at for more details.

Does a student have to be in a business class to attend VYEF programs?

There is no class requirement for student attendance. Our programs have student involvement from classes ranging from finance, sustainability, economics, business, history, arts, and science.

Please feel free to share our information with your colleagues who may be interested.

thinkBIG! FAQ

Can I compete in more than one thinkBIG! Challenge track or submit more than one concept into the thinkBIG! Challenge?

 No. A student/team can complete and submit one concept in only one track.

How many team members are required for the thinkBIG! Challenge?

Teams may be between 1-4 students.

How should I choose which thinkBIG! Challenge track to enter?

Once you know what problem you want to solve and have an idea, choosing a competition track is easy. If the idea focuses on a small business and can be realistically started by a high school student for less than $10,000 then choose the small business track.

Can I edit/change my Challenge submissions?

Yes, so long as it is prior to the submission deadline on January 3, 2023 (Online). If you wish to edit your submission, please email us at

Do I have to participate in both rounds of the thinkBIG! Challenge?

Semi-finalists will be selected to participate in Round 2 from all Round 1 submissions. Finalists from Round 2 will be selected to participate in the live pitch competition at the Summit on March 7, 2023.

Are thinkBIG! Challenge and thinkBIG! Summit different events?

Yes, the Challenge is an online submission contest. The semi-finalists from Round 1 will be selected from these online submissions, and advance to Round 2. Finalists from Round 2 will present live at the Summit on March 7, 2023. The Summit is a day of inspiration and creativity featuring young entrepreneur speakers, a mini-hack, and the finalist pitch competition.

Can I only attend the thinkBIG! Summit?

Yes, you may choose to attend only the Summit, but you must register as we anticipate the event being at capacity.

How many people attend the thinkBIG! Summit?

Approximately 400 people attend the Summit.

What is round 2 of the thinkBIG! Challenge?

Round 2 is for the semi-finalists selected from all Round 1 submissions. It consists of slide deck + video submission along with the executive summary from Round 1 (edits allowed). Teams that advance to Round 2 will also have the opportunity to participate in the Executive Coaching Day to help them prepare their submissions.

What are Executive Coaching Days during the thinkBIG! Challenge?

Executive Coaching Days will be held at think[box], CWRU on January 27-28, 2023. They are a series of mentorship and advising sessions where semifinalist teams can refine their concepts before the round 2 submissions.

Teams will get entrepreneurship-experienced students, experts, mentors, and industry professionals aiding them with the following:

1) Pitch Deck – Flow, visual aspect, simplicity, etc.

2) Content – Amount of words, gripping aspect, viability of content/data, covering all aspects of rubric, appendix, etc.

3) Presentation – Creating an impact, confidence, speaking in the most effective way to the audience, etc.

On what basis do teams advance to the next rounds during thinkBIG! Challenge?

Competition rubrics are provided to all participants and judges prior to the Challenge. Judges, who are industry experts will review submissions and score entries based on the rubrics provided with the highest scores advancing to the next round.

How do I address any questions or concerns about a particular event?

You can contact us at