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NEO High School Microgrant Program

The NEO High School Student Entrepreneur Microgrant Program extended by The Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum and John Carroll University is closed for the school year. The Microgrant Program will reopen for the 2024/2025 school year.

A recent NEO High School Microgrant recipient was featured on News 5! Watch this video for his story.

All high school students in Northeast Ohio having an idea for a product or service, or who have a side hustle or business and are looking to scale, can apply for a microgrant to start or expand on their businesses!

Students must apply for the grant by clicking on the link below. On the form, students will describe their business idea, how it solves a problem in society, their target market, stage of development, how much funding is needed, and how the funding will be used.

JCU students and faculty will review applications, award grants, and will provide ongoing mentorship & networking to awardees.

“The microgrant that I received opened up a lot of opportunities to me. At my school the word got out and a journalist of Cleveland Heights wrote a article about me and receiving the microgrant. The article got a lot of people’s attention and the same day the article came out my mom received a email asking would it be ok to give Robert Rosenthal (The owner of Xhibiton and Next the clothing store) our information. Minutes later she received a call from him telling her he wants to meet with us and see some of products and talk about some opportunities. We scheduled to meet with him days later and we talked for over and hour and half at his warehouse. We talked about me getting my own release at one of his locations, Nike campaigns, my plan for the future, how I started etc. Within the same week I received a call from one of his team members telling me I have a opportunity to be in Nike’s Air Max Day Campaign/Pop Up Shop.

These are some pictures from the campaign / pop up shop ! I am now in the process of finishing driving school to get my license, I plan to have it by the end of May. Once I receive my license, I plan to start looking for a studio to rent and work out of.”