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Hear more from professionals, students, and winners of the thinkBIG! Challenge about creating their business, staying on brand, and more!

Untitled design (27)

Python Pals

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Mendz is announced as the thinkBIG! Challenge Innovation Track Winner


Ishita Kopparapu, stEMPOWERher


Coach Maddie Norman2

Maddie’s Little Ballers (MLB)

Ecosystem Story Slide - Maggie & El Puente2

El Puente

Marycakes Delights photo 9

Marycakes Delights

Finlit student team


Daniel standing in front of Lake Erie

Porchside Deliveries

Student sitting at a table selling sweatshirts

Sustainable Stitches

Student holding resin coasters

Cozy Coasters

From Lemonade to Landscaping

From Lemonade to Landscaping

cutting edge landscaping team with trophy

Cutting Edge Landscaping

Bethany Husni leads 31:25, a custom sorority letter shirt company.


Ethan Holmes slicing apples

Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce

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