Upcycle: Enterprise 23-24 » Veale Entrepreneurs


Upcycle: Enterprise allows students to explore social entrepreneurship through creative lessons, hands-on prototyping and an opportunity to pitch ideas.

Schools can select to participate in a field trip to Upcycle Parts Shop. The two-hour field trip + innovation session focuses on creativity, innovation, developing quick design from upcycled materials, and student report-backs and pitches on prototypes.

*Please note that Upcycle Parts Shop is located in a historic building that is not retrofitted. We regret if the requirement of climbing stairs limits any participants and ask that you let us know so that we can come to understand the needs of our audience as we grow.

Upcycle Enterprise Field Trip photo 2022


Upcycle: Enterprise also provides online instruction from Upcycle staff, which reviews: an introduction to the model of social enterprise, the concept of upcycling and creative reuse, and how the business model works as a preliminary case study for students to learn from. Sessions will focus on creativity, innovation challenges, instructions for product and prototype development, and leave room for student report-backs and pitches on prototypes.

Get started today at: https://www.upcyclepartsshop.org/enterprise

Order supplies for the virtual field trip through YIPPEE: Classroom Set of Innovation Kits