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The Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum is looking for volunteers as part of the upcoming thinkBIG! Challenge. Please use the signup form at the bottom of the page to register. The thinkBIG! Challenge is a business plan competition open to all high school students and featuring two tracks: Innovation and Small Business. The Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum awards $8,000 in prizes to the top teams at the thinkBIG! Summit.

There are opportunities for individuals to participate in the program as a coach during Executive Coaching Days.

Executive Coaching Days:

Dates: Friday, January 21 or Saturday, January 22, 2022

Time Commitment: (may be a partial day commitment based on your availability)

Location: Virtual

The executive coaching day is designed to support the teams who submitted entries into the challenge and have advanced to the semifinal round. Coaches will help students refine their business plans by assisting the teams with:

  • Pitch deck: Flow, visual aspects, etc.
  • Content: Data, wording, covering all aspects of rubric, etc.
  • Presentation Video: Confidence, storytelling, effective speaking, etc.
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